Comics Bulletin [Self-Promotion]

Three points make a trend, so I figured it was time to post a link-dump style announcement for a semi-regular gig outside of Thirteen Minutes. If you weren’t previously aware of this (probably because you don’t follow me on Twitter, so correct that now @thirteenminutes), I’ve been doing some writing over at Comics Bulletin in the form of roundtable style discussions with two other critics. Thanks to CB head honcho Jason Sacks, and my boys Keith Silva and Daniel Elkin, for inviting me in to participate. To date, we’ve logged three such excursions all over the comics mindscape, probably hitting around 20,000 words or so in total, so check them out.


At 11:17 AM, Blogger Daniel Elkin said...

And, may I add, they are all awesome -- mostly because of you, Giampaoli.

At 9:34 AM, Blogger Justin Giampaoli said...

You are too kind. As always, thanks for the invitation.

PS - Larfleeze is a lightning rod.


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