Help Ryan Claytor Hit His Stretch Goal!

For those of you who may not be following me on Twitter, my friend Ryan Claytor at Elephant Eater Comics has launched his first crowd-funding campaign. While he expeditiously met his intial goal, he has just announced a great stretch goal. If you contribute now, you'll receive an additional FREE book as further incentive! You can go directly to the campaign page, or review the full details in this message from Ryan:

Here we are, three weeks into the campaign with roughly a week to go and I’ve got some great news to report; since last week’s update the $3,000 campaign goal was met and surpassed!!!

I’m starting to feel a little redundant, but my continued indebted thanks could not be more sincere. I’ve been shocked and amazed each week at your generosity and dedication to this project. Thanks for making this dream of mine a reality.

If you’re interested in the exhaustive update (complete with charts) you can head over to my website here: http://www.elephanteater.com/9000 But let’s get into the meat of today’s update.

Here’s the excitement I’m prepared to unleash; if my campaign can reach $1,500 above the original $3,000 goal ($4,500 total) by the end of the campaign deadline, EVERY SINGLE CONTRIBUTOR who pledges at the existing minimum book pledge (that’s all 124 funders thus far) will receive my next book at no additional cost or contribution!

So, assuming I get some help to spread the word to interested parties and the new $4,500 stretch-goal is met, every existing and new contributor will receive a copy of my next book, And Then One Day #10, in approximately one year’s time, at no additional cost.
And Then One Day #10 will consist of all new material, at least 24 pages of comics by yours truly, and will be professionally offset printed in full-color! After experimenting with full-color printing on our wedding comic, I’m really excited about the possibilities for And Then One Day.

Thanks, again, for making this campaign such an astounding success. Let’s see if we can propel this final week of contributions into a significant stretch goal for all of us.

Ryan Claytor


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