Chapter Two by Keren Katz (Mini Kus! #83)

There's a wispy curvaceous quality to Katz's lines, combined with kaleidoscopic color patterns, that seems to rip frames out of time and isolate these select moments. Katz imbues these moments with a subtle sense of longing, hope for the moments to carry meaning. Ada checks into the Clock Tower Inn in search of such an encounter with Adam. The name of the Inn is no small coincidence, as Ada navigates her journey, while time itself ticks away. Finding meaning seems to be elusive, manifested by Adam and others darting out of rooms, just out of recognition. Chapter Two seems to be asking if we read too much into these would-be moments, if there's a danger in chasing that high as people drop in and out of our lives, or if this is merely an inescapable part of the human experience. The existential panic sets in as we try to find meaning the further our lives march on, wondering if we should be sad a moment is over, or happy because it happened in the first place. It's that tension that Katz effectively captures, like so many figures in amber, with a staccato repetition of full-page panels.


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