Hero by Harukichi (Mini Kus! #85)

DJ Cat Gosshie is an honest cat with options for every occasion. Gosshie spins the perfect selections for the business man, commuters stuck in traffic, and even a bawling baby. But, the solutions don't stop there; Gosshie is something of a fixer. Gosshie is affable and sly, allowing entry into multiple situations, as the DJ seems to roam the countryside like a Sonic Robin Hood, not only plying music to quell disturbances, but doing benevolent deeds to right wrongs, even physical feats that feature physical prowess, or literal cutting-edge records. Harukichi uses extremely consistent thin-line cross-hatching and stippling, which are not only very satisfying to the eye, but also seem to emphasize the subtle things in life sitting in the background, the ones we don't typically notice, like DJ Cat Gosshie, who act as quiet forces keeping the fabric of society together. 


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