The Book Fight by Chihoi (Mini Kus! #84)

If most books are about ideas, this one contains ideas about books. For Americans who grew up on the seminal Saturday morning cartoon short "I'm Just A Bill," there's something vaguely familiar about the superficially funny, flat monochromatic stylings that Chihoi uses to impart important messages. This subversive version sees physical manifestations of different book forms clashing and debating their individual merits. There's the accessibility of the DIY zine, bombastic cape comics, pretentious photography books, showy pop-ups, and even self-referential mini-comics join the fray in an effort to display their versatility. While The Book Fight is at times humorous ("Halt this shit of bull!"), the larger message lands squarely, all the book forms are indeed under the general umbrella of Art, and when we get caught up in petty squabbles and infighting, we typically fail to see the larger picture and miss the larger context, evidenced by the meta last page reveal.  


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