Finnegans Wake by Nicolas Mahler (Mini Kus! #92)

Nicolas Mahler's visual adaptation of select passages from the eponymous (notorious?) James Joyce novel is challenging to parse, but is aided by the addition of a Mutt & Jeff inspired duo who are able to clarify some of the proceedings through their antics. With repeated readings, it's possible to pull meaning from the art and the devolved (hyper-evolved?) linguistic style. There are numerous catchy instances that grab your attention and feel like an intriguing foothold, such as the use of "Echoland,"and I particularly enjoyed the time-jumps, which seem to infer that the death of Finnegan is something of a recurring motif that comments on the very nature of life and death, or in answer to the elusive eternal questions of "What has gone?" and "How it ends?" the only answer can be "Forget, remember! Forget!"


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