Enter "The Keep"

The Keep #1 (IDW): I've been waiting for this day for so long! Finally an IDW title that I can get behind. After impressing me with sound production quality alone, finally a writer/artist team who have a vision to share that is more than mere vampires feasting and flashy, non-substantive art clones of Ashley Wood. I wonder if this slight course correction has anything to do with the recent restructuring of the IDW management and editorial staff?

I was immediately taken by the heavily Mignola influenced art style which found an imaginative and soulful balance between black and white with faded blue light sourcing. Really enjoyed the panel rendering and perspective choices. Right from panel four, I was enaged by an ominous telegram and a dense but interesting script. I also liked how the Germans circa WWII were portrayed somewhat objectively and not immediately demonized. Very curious to learn more about the mysterious traveler from Portugal. Equal parts Hellboy, Indiana Jones, and just the right balance of horror. Anxiously awaiting next issue and a track record that drives us higher than Grade B+.

Update: Pondering the greatness of F. Paul Wilson's writing, I did a quick Google search which revealed that he is an award winning author of 36 books and grew up reading EC Comics. The Keep began as a novel, making the New York Times Top 10 List in 1981, enjoyed a lackluster film adaptation courtesy of Michael Mann and Paramount in 1983, and now comes to you as an IDW comic. Learn more about this phenomenal writer: http://www.repairmanjack.com/index2.html


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