12.28.07 Comics

The last of the 2007 books were purchased, but once again there's insufficient time to do full reviews. Next week is another odd one in terms of shipping schedule, as new books come out on Friday once more; see you then. Happy New Year!

Pax Romana #1 (Image): Jonathan Hickman's follow up project to The Nightly News looks to be full of big, bold ideas, complete with Papal conspiracy, time travel, and the military.

Legion of Super-Heroes #37 (DC): Jim Shooter returns to the title that he first broke into the industry with and wrote as a teenager!

The Brave & The Bold #9 (DC): The fun continues with The Challengers of the Unknown, Hawkman & The Atom, The Metal Men, Dial H For Hero, The Boy Commandos, and The Blackhawks all crammed into one issue!

Action Comics #860 (DC): Geoff Johns and Gary Frank are rocking this arc that features Superman & The Legion of Super-Heroes.

I also picked up;

Dominatrix: Lesson #1-5 (IDW): This title looks a little hoary and gratuitous at first glance, but I'm giving IDW another shot by sampling a couple of titles, the art looks consistent, and I'm sort of a sucker for a letter column titled "Submissions."

Midnight Sun (SLG): Ben Towle's little masterpiece finally sees print in one complete smaller-than-digest-sized format. One of the best books from 2007!

Wasteland: Book 02: Shades of God (Oni Press): Special thanks to Antony Johnston, Christopher Mitten, and the crew at Oni Press for including another pull quote from here at 13 Minutes on the back cover of the trade!

Bomb Queen: Volume 1: Woman of Mass Destruction (Image): I've heard nothing but good things about this book so I decided to give it a shot.

Bomb Queen: Volume 2: Dirty Bomb - Queen of Hearts (Image): I decided to jump in with both feet when sampling Jimmie Robinson's work.

Satchel Paige (Jump at the Sun/Hyperion Books): I'm a little tired of the retro baseball settings, but anything from James Sturm and The Center for Cartoon Studies is worth a look.

Blue Pills: A Positive Love Story (Houghton Mifflin): This title and Frederik Peeters are new to me, but it certainly passed the casual flip test.

Queen & Country: Volume 1: Definitive Edition (Oni Press): True, I own all of this material in the nifty crimson hardcovers, but for $19.99, you just can't beat having a reading copy of the first two and a half arcs or so (12 issues) of this superb series.


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