Coming This Week: Comics Are Good Again

It feels like ages ago that this series delighted the senses and lit up the world of independent comics, but if it’s anything like volume one, then Demo #1 (DC/Vertigo) will be worth the wait. This is the first of six issues comprising volume two, by the ever popular Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan. It’ll be interesting to see how Becky’s (once) rough pencils have grown in the intervening years and to see if she’ll change up her style to suit each “one-shot” style issue. I think it’s great that Brian Wood is now at DC, hopefully meaning that a wider range of fans will be exposed to this series than were the first go around. Jason Aaron and R.M. Guera hit us with another issue of their crime opus, with Scalped #34 (DC/Vertigo), a perennial favorite around these parts. Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca keep proving they’re one of the most consistent things to happen to the company in quite some time, churning out Invincible Iron Man #23 (Marvel). Lastly, we see Lone Ranger #20 (Dynamite Entertainment) hit the stands after what feels like an enormous delay. I thought I read that Dynamite Entertainment would not be launching new arcs until they were in the can and ready to publish monthly, with delays only happening between arcs. Perhaps that plan will commence with the next arc? In any case, I’m considering foregoing single issues of this series and just hardcover trade-waiting it. It’s typically very good reading, but not essential in the sense that I need my instant fix on a regular basis.


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