Coming This Week: "Where Dem Bloggers At, Where Dem Bloggers At, Where They At, Where They At, Where They At?"

It looks like another pretty light week in the world of comics. I’ll definitely be picking up Joe The Barbarian #2 (DC/Vertigo) from Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy. This book is layered and nuanced, full of clues that don’t insult the reader’s intelligence, and is reminding me more and more of Jonathan Lethem and Farel Dalrymple’s Omega: The Unknown in its ability to operate on multiple levels. I’ll probably pick up Justice League of America #42 (DC) just so I can mock it one more time for it’s out of continuity divergence, shifting narration, wonky fist-bumping art, clunky marble-mouthed dialogue, and skimming the surface while sticking to every gathering the team cliché in existence. If it’s anything like the previous issue, I won’t be coming back for a third helping. I’ll also be purchasing Uncanny X-Men #521 (Marvel), at this point just sticking around until I get more information on Kitty Pryde, and them make a decision as to the title’s continued presence on the pull list. I’m pretty sure Daredevil #505 (Marvel) is the first issue co-written by Antony Johnston, so I’ll likely give that a whirl, despite not knowing what I’m getting into, having not peeked in on this book for a few years now. I just felt like noting the existence of Starman Omnibus HC: Volume 4 (DC), so there’s that. I don’t think it’s his best work by any means, but you really have to respect the way Avatar Press empowers the consumer, offering the Ignition City TPB: Volume 1 ($19.99), Ignition City HC: Volume 1 ($27.99), and Ignition City HC (Signed): Volume 1 ($49.99) all on the same day. They’re pretty consistent about this strategy too. Commendable. Lastly, the Almost Silent HC (Fantagraphics) also debuts. This collects four original graphic novels (3 out of print) by Norwegian powerhouse Jason (aka: John Arne Saeteroy). It contains “You Can’t Get There From Here,” “Tell Me Something,” “Meow, Baby,” and “The Living and the Dead.” This omnibus style collection would be really appealing if I didn’t already own all of his work, a 304 page hardcover for a mere $24.99.


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