Once More Unto The Breach...

San Diego Comic Con 2011 officially begins tomorrow morning at 8am for me and won’t let up until Saturday morning at the very earliest. So, expect some comlag around these parts until early next week when I hope to have my official 2011 report posted. In the interim, I’ve blasted out a handful of mini-comics reviews over at Poopsheet Foundation, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy DMZ #67 tomorrow. As dreary as they’ve become, here are the last few years’ worth of 13 Minutes San Diego Comic-Con Reports;

2010; 2009; 2008; 2007; 2006

Not to get too far ahead of myself and become pre-disposed not to enjoy this year’s festivities too much, but there’s a noticeable shift in tone about halfway through. It’s mostly because of stuff like this, and excerpts from The Savage Critics which I so identify with, like this;

“The other day, I was talking at the shop with Brian about how typical or atypical a comic book reader I am, and I was of the position that I’m pretty atypical — I have a strong bond for the characters but don’t care so much for what’s going on with them these days, and I don’t spend a lot of money on them. But Brian insisted I am in fact a pretty typical reader for the industry these days — a guy who’s almost entirely lapsed as a mainstream comic reader but someone who still pays attention to what’s going on and is either looking for a new way back in to the industry, or a final way out.”

See you in a few days...


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