9.07.11 Releases

In a nice bit of counterprogramming (or maybe just a happy scheduling accident), Marvel is countering the first wave (not counting last week’s double tap) of The New 52 with Matt Fraction’s raucous Casanova: Avaritia #1 (Marvel/Icon), the first of four issues, and it’s certainly the book I’m most looking forward to this week since we’ll finally be getting new content. I haven’t paid much attention to this title since I sampled the first trade and was underwhelmed, but that sure is a pretty cover to Atomic Robo: Ghost of Station X #1 (Red Five), and I’ll be giving that the casual flip test at the LCS based on the strength of the cover and it kicking off a new 6 issue mini-series. Out of the aforementioned New 52 offerings, I can only say for certain that I’ll be picking up Stormwatch #1 (DC). I generally enjoy Paul Cornell’s stuff, and with the inclusion of Martian Manhunter in what looks to be a Planetary-lite for the DCU in this WildStorm holdover, I’m interested to see if it all comes together. I’ll probably give all the new books a casual flip, but Batgirl #1 (DC) and Justice League International #1 (DC) probably have the best shot at making it home. On the OGN side of things, I’m excited to see Richard Sala’s latest entry into “Gothic funny,” with The Hidden (Fantagraphics).


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