9.14.11 Releases

Man, there sure is a lot of stuff coming out this week! Who knows if any of it will be any good?! Well, I know a couple things will be great. I’m probably most excited for Batwoman #1 (DC). It’s been a long time coming with this title, after numerous teases, changed dates, and it being caught up in The New 52 nonsense, but it promises to astound on pure visuals alone. Not counting the #0 issue that came out in, what, February or something(?), it marks the first of the run co-written by JH Williams III himself, with art contributions by Amy Reeder Hadley. Jim has been posting up some great B&W art at his site (like the one you see here) as he counts down until the release date. I’ll also be picking up Grifter #1 (DC) to see how this WildStorm alum will fare in the DCU. I caught some stray glimpses of him in Flashpoint and they seemed pretty hoary, so let’s hope it gets better. Scalped #52 (DC/Vertigo) is also a sure buy. It’s amazing to think there are only 8 issues of this title left. So many of my Vertigo mainstays seem to be winding down, with this, DMZ, and Northlanders also coming to an end. Speaking of Northlanders, at his site, Brian Wood has the new issue listed as coming out today, but I didn’t see it in the Diamond Ship List, so I held off on officially mentioning it.

Out of the other DC offerings, Legion Lost #1 (DC) and Mister Terrific #1 (DC) probably have the best shot at making it home, while Suicide Squad #1 (DC), Batman & Robin #1 (DC), Demon Knights #1 (DC), and Frankenstein: Agent of Shade #1 (DC) will receive a very passive casual flip test. I don’t think they have much of a chance considering the, so far, very middling nature of the New 52. To date, the line has very little credibility with me and I’ve been thoroughly underwhelmed by every attempt I’ve made to jump on and be convinced I belong.

I’m quickly tuning out of what’s going on in the Marvel U lately. Gone is the heyday of Whedon and Cassaday’s Astonishing X-Men, gone is the magic of Matt Fraction’s company owned work, gone is the experimental gusto of titles like S.W.O.R.D. or Strange Tales. But, Uncanny X-Force is sometimes a bright spot. In the immortal words of C-3PO, “here we go again,” as Uncanny X-Force #15 (Marvel) ships this week. If it’s Jerome Opena on art, I’ll love it. If it’s anyone else, I’ll hate it. Same old tune. My bro Michael and I were discussing how the art seems to be affecting the writing in such illogical ways. For example, when Opena is on art, Deadpool is funny. Yet, when he’s not on art, the humor seems to fall flat. It doesn’t make any sense because Remender writes them all, but this phenomenon doesn’t cease to be so.

I was also surprised to see Optic Nerve #12 (Drawn & Quarterly) listed; does this truly mean there’s a new issue of this now-classic indie book from Adrian Tomine? On the collected edition front, this title has something of a cult following, so it’s nice to see Cheval Noir put out the Complete Major Bummer: Super Slacktacular TPB (Dark Horse). Last, but not least, I’ll definitely be picking up Sweets: A New Orleans Crime Story TPB (Image) from Kody Chamberlain, which is certainly the best crime book to debut in the last few years. My advice to you? Opt out of a couple of those new 52 dogs and buy this instead!


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