8.29.12 Releases

This week I’m most looking forward to Prophet #28 (Image), written by Brandon “King City” Graham, with the return of Giannis “Old City Blues” Milonogiannis on art, and a cover by Simon “Jan’s Atomic Heart” Roy. There’s just nothing more imaginative or unpredictable currently on the stands, with all its European sci-fi flair reappropriating and recontextualizing the old Rob “I Will Burn This Village Down In Order To Save It” Liefeld creation. Next up is Brian Wood’s Ultimate Comics: X-Men #15 (Marvel), continuing the “Divided We Fall” Ultimate U Civil War. I’ll also be picking up Joe Hill and Gabe Rodriguez’s one-shot Locke & Key: Grindhouse (IDW) as the impending final arc looms. I’ve been catching up with the BPRD saga in trades, but I’ll definitely flip through BPRD: Hell on Earth: Return of the Master #1 (Dark Horse) to see what’s going on in this current cycle. I think Mignola recently said in an interview they were going to switch the sequential numbering to #100 at some point, thus eliminating their “series of mini-series” paradigm, which seemed smart and successful, so maybe this is a sign that something big is afoot as the series drives toward its eventual conclusion.


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