10.03.12 Shipping Report

It’s a very light week for me, which is fine since I’ll be in LA on business for a couple days and might end up hitting the LCS late Wednesday evening, if at all. The book of the week is clearly Danger Club #4 (Image) from Landry Walker and Eric Jones. The delay was apparently because the child of one of the creator’s was struck by a car(!), but everyone is now ok and the book seems to be back on track. It’s definitely one of the best books of the Image New Wave and I can’t wait to check it out. The way I pitch it to people? It’s like Warren Ellis doing a post-modern Teen Titans. Image also has something called Non-Humans #1 (Image) out this week, which I’ll give a flip. Honestly, it sounded interesting until I got to the end of the sentence. The year is 2041 and it’s a couple decades after a space probe brought back some widespread disease which has made toys come to life and—SCREEEEECH, as the record scratches off track! Brought kids toys to life? “Blade Runner Meets Toy Story?” I don’t know, that kinda’ sounds like Peanut Butter Meets Mayonnaise to me, but all of the Image New Wave deserves at least a flip just on principle. It’s a 4-issue mini from Glen Brunswick and once-hot Whilce Portacio. On the GN front, a couple things of interest. One is the Negron SC (PictureBox), collecting some of the ridiculously proportioned sensuality of Johnny Negron, which kind of reminds me of a contemporary artist named John Valadez we just exhibited, which I guess is neither here nor there. Second, is the Sailor Twain GN (First Second) by Mark Siegel. It’s set in late 1800’s NYC as a ship captain apparently encounters a mermaid in the Hudson River. 400 pages entirely in charcoal, which the writer/artist admits is not a very feasible medium for comics for a variety of reasons. That’s definitely worth a look.


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