2.08.06 Reviews

Really a light week for me. I did pick up the fantastic Giantkiller and Battle Hymn books this week, which collect 2 of my favorite mini-series OF ALL TIME. Highly recommended, with plenty of extra material in each, check 'em out!

DMZ#4 (DC/Vertigo): It's official, I love this book! Wood has a way of layering his strong characterization and imaginative plots with interesting little throw away ideas like the bamboo forest, the underground civilization, and a snowscape covering the city. It's all quite beautiful and scary as we see some different fiefdoms vying for power. It's realistic and gritty. I'm so into this book. This post apocalyptic free for all is heightened by powerful little character moments like the dying gift that is bestowed upon Matty. Grade A.

Captain Atom: Armageddon #5 (DC/Wildstorm): I don't know how accessible this would be for someone new to the properties, but i'm totally enjoying it. Nobody is talking about this book and it's 10x better than most of the Infinite Crisis tomfoolery going on right now. Where else can you find a universe travellin' Captain Atom, along with Mr. Majestic, The Authority, and The Wildcats all in one place?! Cam's pencils are deliciously strong here, check out the full page splash of The Engineer if you don't believe me. His work has really grown tremendously just in the last year. Pfeiffer offers up a nice intro of the current Authority members, some nice little homages to different words in the multiverse, and some stereotypically "Authority moments" such as Jack Hawksmoor snapping Hitler's neck. I'm wondering how this is going to resolve vis-a-vis Infinite Crisis? Will the Wildstorm U formally become part of the DCU multiverse? Will Atom ever get back to the DCU? Will he die (Charlton characters haven't faired so well recently)? I'm hooked. Grade B+.


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