4.25.12 Releases

Why does it seem like it’s always feast or famine week to week? Some weeks I’ve been surprisingly buying into the double digits, and some weeks it’s down to a single item of interest. I own the original of this book, but I’m happy to see it being reprinted. It’s Pterodactyl Hunters in the Gilded City (Top Shelf) by Brendan Leach. The original is in foldable newsprint format, so it’ll be interesting to see how Top Shelf handles the reprinting of this fantastic book. It won a Xeric Grant in 2010, headlined my list of the Best Mini-Comics & Small Press Titles of 2010, made it into the 2011 Best American Comics series, and hopefully will continue additional accolades with this printing, which it very much deserves. What looks good to you? What am I missing this week?


At 11:58 AM, Blogger Tom P said...

My highlight will be Flash #8 it's so fantastic, I think I like it more than batman?!?! (How dare he they cry) no doubt American Vampire #26 will be good and AVX Vs. #1 should be worth a peak, can't stop that Marvel fanboy itch no matter how much I try.

At 12:14 PM, Blogger Justin Giampaoli said...

I heard the Flash is good, but "BETTER THAN BATMAN," they cried!?!?!

At 4:05 PM, Anonymous JR said...

Twelve #12. I've been holding out on reading the new issues since it has returned to publishng after the long hiatus. I really liked what what JMS was doing before, so i'm excited ro read the whole thing in one sitting.

Spaceman, Daredevil and FF are other highlights for me.

At 12:15 AM, Blogger Matt Clark said...

A cull is coming, but until then I've got another large pile of books waiting for me. Like JR I'm probably most excited about the finale of The Twelve - been a long time coming!

Daredevil and Flash are my other top choices of the week.


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