First Impressions...

Firm believer in only getting one chance. Been about a week since I went live, but judging from the email I’ve received, I'm feeling a’ight. Great to hear from some old readers… Joe N. and Jenna, what would I do without you? Why do you guys keep reading this trash? ;-)

I did get a few questions which I thought I’d address. Content, format, frequency, and so forth. The usual suspects as reported by pals who are much more experienced working this venue than yours truly. From a content standpoint, the focus is absolutely comic books. Mostly reviews. But, I’ll be throwing in the occasional non-review missive for general promotion of the industry, as well as the non-comic pop culture items I see fit. Totally on the fly, one of the benefits of having this personal space is that you can do whatever, whenever - though I do want to respect the expectations to some degree. The intent, the focus, is to push quality new material to generate sustainable readership so the industry will survive. Period.

Format wise, a couple things are happening. I would really like to focus on current weekly reviews about a paragraph in length, with the occasional GN or TPB (that’s Graphic Novel or Trade Paper Back, in case you’ve stumbled in here by accident) review that has a more lengthy analysis. However, there are some previously published reviews and articles that I feel are worthy of a wider audience based on the quality of the books, not my writing. So, I’m trying to get caught up on those and concurrently settle into the weekly groove.

As for frequency, I do believe that you have to post with some degree of regularity or it just loses something. So, weekly reviews of new singles. Hopefully a monthly in depth review of a GN or TPB. We’ll get caught up on migrating old reviews. And then sprinkle on the occasional industry article or random nonsense. Cheers.


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