Graphic Novel(s) Of The Month

Wasteland: Book 02: Shades of God (Oni Press): The only way to quickly sum up what occurs in this volume is to simply say that many plot points converge and all hell breaks loose. If the first volume was largely setting up The Big Wet universe and establishing character outlines, then this is where it all pays off. Shades of God is like being at that once in a lifetime party where the drinks are poured just right, all your friends are there, the music is your favorite, and your prowess with the ladies is unstoppable. All factors coalesce to create a truly memorable experience. Grade A+.

Blue Pills: A Positive Love Story (Houghton Mifflin): Frederik Peeters' work walks a fine line between being overly sentimental and emotionally omniscient and insightful and honest. For my tastes, it thankfully leans more toward the latter. I was particularly taken with the grains of truth found in his budding relationship with an "adopted" son and lovely exchanges of dialogue, such as the "why do you love me?" conversation. Peeters' line work is also emotionally charged, particularly in its ability to capture complex facial expressions and depict instantly recognizable surprise, admiration, or calm. Grade A+.


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