11.18.09 Review

Echo #16 (Abstract Studio): The very first panel of this book is a great example of Terry Moore’s seamless style. That half page shot functions as a “previously in Echo” type of device, but it happens organically as the lead character takes stock of her life during a brief respite from the adventure. I really liked the convergence of two strong women with emotional cores that literally fight for themselves and would do anything for their respective families. There are yet again so many great examples of why Moore is a modern master who understands comic construction and excels at its execution. The faux news coverage rings true in its attempt at gravitas. The conversation between two playful sisters rings true. The conversation between ruthless coworkers rings true. Like the best pop culture offerings, Echo is so well done that it makes us believe that even the fantastical is grounded in reality and somehow believable, which pulls us right into the narrative without even recognizing we’re suspending disbelief and opening our minds up to the entertaining thrill ride. If that wasn’t enough, Moore’s pencils are strengthening as well. Notice the use of shadow and heavier inks during the heartbreaking night scene in Lulu’s room. That’s a new visual twist that underscores the emotions involved. The action is intense as Julie begins to channel Annie (almost like Ronnie Raymond used to communicate with Professor Stein), and the adventure takes interesting turns as Julie continues learning about her powers, but Moore never lets us forget that what makes these types of stories tick is first and foremost the people involved. Grade A+.

I also picked up;

Wasteland: Volume 05: Tales of the Uninvited (Oni Press)

Driven by Lemons (AdHouse Books)


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