Coming This Week: Is It Thursday Yet? What's In A Title?

Every week I review Diamond's “New Releases” to determine what I’ll definitely be buying sight unseen, what I’m interested in enough to do a quick scan of at the LCS to see if it can win me over, and note any other items that catch my eye. Here’s a look…


Scalped #33 (DC/Vertigo): If you’re not buying this, you probably don’t like good comics.

Supergod #2 (Avatar Press): If you’re not buying this, you probably don’t like Warren Ellis.

Echo #17 (Abstract Studio): If you’re not buying this, you probably can’t be helped. PS – Didn’t this just come out three weeks ago? Of course I got it two weeks ago thanks to Sea Donkey, but still it seems soon-ish. Not that I’m complaining, it’s just odd.


Uncanny X-Men #518 (Marvel): If you’re buying this, it’s probably just out of habit at this point. PS - It's me again. Hi. Yeah, this *just* came out last week! Did we switch to two per month? What gives? Is this an end of calendar year thing?

Ex Machina: Deluxe Edition HC: Volume 02 (DC/Wildstorm): If you’re buying this, you’re buying Brian K. Vaughan’s best work.


Great Ten #2 (DC): If you’re buying this, you probably just really like Scott McDaniel’s art, which is understandable.

Captain America: Theater of War: Prisoners of Duty (Marvel): If you’re buying this, then it means you really like titles: with: as: many: colons: as: possible. I mean, really, that’s just silly. Has titling become such a lost art? Do your branding guidelines really necessitate that it must say “Captain America” somewhere in the title? It's total coincidence, but notice how all of the books I actually will be buying this week have just one word titles that pretty much give you an idea of what the book is going to be about thematically. Scalped didn’t opt for “The Tales of Dash Bad Horse: Undercover Lakota: Hmong Gangsters on the Rez: Volume 5” and there’s a reason why. I'm just sayin'...

Secret History: Book 07 (Archaia): If you’re buying this, perhaps you’re like me and really enjoy historical fiction, but unlike me, you will not be waiting to find it in a $1 bin.


At 12:27 AM, Blogger Matt C said...

Yeah, I'm one of the mugs who has been buying Secret History on its release dates, but since they've soooo far apart I've forgotten what's happened.

I haven't managed to read the penultimate issue yet since it got delayed on its way to the UK for some reason. Ah well, what difference is a few extra weeks going to make at this stage?

At 9:10 AM, Blogger Justin said...

It's a really cool premise, and one that I'm interested in, and hey, Igor Kordey art! But the restructuring at ASP sure derailed some of their books. Hopefully, we'll get a nice collected edition that I can check out!


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