12.15.10 Releases

The most sure-fire purchase this week is (big surprise) DMZ #60 (DC/Vertigo), which marks the start of a new short arc featuring art by Shawn Martinbrough entitled “Free States Rising” that’ll assumably chronicle the rise of the FSA. That should be interesting. Marvel is offering up Uncanny X-Force #3 (Marvel) in the guilty pleasures department and Strange Tales II #3 (Marvel), which closes out this not-so-guilty pleasure of a mini-series featuring indie artists wreaking havoc at The House of Ideas. I really don’t pay any attention to this publisher, but Magus #1 (12 Gauge Comics) has Rebekah Isaacs and Fiona Staples hot off their DV8 run, so I’ll give it a look. Apparently, Steve Niles, Ashley Wood, and Fiona Staples did a mini-series at IDW called Mystery Society, which looks interesting, but I completely missed it. That said, the Mystery Society TPB: Volume 1 (IDW) is out this week, and looks to be kinda’ maybe their answer to something like The Umbrella Academy.


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