7.20.11 Reviews

DMZ #67 (DC/Vertigo): [DMZ Countdown Clock™: 5 Issues Remaining] Three days out of pocket for Comic-Con, and I’m already starting to fall behind, so this’ll be short. There was one very subtle move in this script that summed up what the entire series means in my opinion. On page 4, there’s an establishing caption box that originally read “The DMZ,” but it’s struck through and on top of it we see the word “Manhattan.” Like so much that’s happened in the series thematically about endurance, there is no more DMZ. There is only New York City. Brian Wood reminded me recently that Blackwater rebranded itself under the name Xe, so naturally he has their DMZ stand-in Trustwell rebrand itself as XET. It’s also great to see Matty and Zee reunite as Matty’s relationship with the city settles down. I like how Matty still looks a little disoriented, with bloodshot eyes, like a man who’s just emerged from an active war zone, a place where his survival was always in doubt. As always, don’t forget to join us at LIVE FROM THE DMZ. Grade A.


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