8.03.11 Review

Scalped #51 (DC/Vertigo): With just 9 issues of the series left, it feels like major change is afoot with Red Crow's actions and Jason Aaron is kicking things into overdrive for the last two arcs. Guera's art is a delight, and I certainly am anxious to see where he lands next once this series has wrapped. Aaron still proves that even 50 issues in, his ear for dialogue is unparalleled. "Son, you draw that gun in this hospital and I will feed it to you, butt first. I shit you not." You can just imagine that gruff sumbitch belting that line out between clinched teeth and probably making the dopey young feeb piss himself in the process. I've been saying for years that I think "something is up" with Shunka, beyond his sexual preference, and this issue might finally start to reveal that sneaking suspicion I've had. I think one of the reasons Scalped is so powerful emotionally is that it pushes and pulls you along this emotional spectrum. You go from hating people, to understanding them, to even liking them a little bit. The most turmoil is created from the most change. For example, Wooster Karnow began life in Scalped as a pompous windbag who lied and cheated and mistreated nearly everyone around him. But in this issue, we see this man try to change his spots, rise to a challenge, and we can almost emphathize with his effort to use honesty and better himself. If even he is capable of change, maybe there's hope for everyone else. Emotional complexity, beautiful art, an engaging story, what more do you want? Scalped remains a high point in Vertigo history. Grade A.


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