11.23.05 Reviews

Zatanna #4 (DC): As with most of the Seven Soldiers stories, this seems to lack some focus or a readily apparent throughline that connects the individual mini series with eachother or even with themselves. Morrison is dropping Crisis references, Sheeda references, and many others I'm sure I'm missing. Not particularly accessible and overly obtuse, even for Morrison. But Ryan Sook's art is still a superb sight to see, pushing us up to a Grade B.

Conan #22 (Dark Horse): Very satisfying wrap up to the Tower of the Elephant arc. Kaluta's guest artist offering involving the origin of Yogah of Yag and an alternate history for much of the Conan-verse was a really impressive treat and executed in a lush, loose style. It was totally climactic amid a series of issues that have sometimes slipped into slow plotting and a less than engaging read. Enjoyed Conan being portrayed as a novice here, humble before the otherworldy power of Yogah and asking questions of the master thief. Grade A.

Ex Machina #16 (DC/Wildstorm): A suprising conclusion to the "other" origin of Mayor Mitchell Hundred, his non-superhero background. I think some critics will claim that this is a weak arc and an anti-climactic resolution, but I really enjoyed the change of pace. Seeing the origin of the man, and not The Great Machine, along with him proving he can be a hero even without powers (in the way he handled the biker/sheriff posse) was quite satisfying. Will we see more of his powers leading him astray? Grade A.

Frankenstein #1 (DC): This was really creepy, so much so that I feel weird recommending it. But if for no other reason than it being different and original, I will. It also feels like some of the superstory and Seven Soldiers jibba-jabba is starting to coalesce here and gain some structure. A cautiously optimistic Grade B.


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