[Latin] Deus=God + Ex=From + Machina=Machine

Ex Machina #12-13 (DC/Wildstorm): I'm so happy that this book won an Eisner for Best New Series and Best Writer (for Vaughan) at the recent San Diego Con, hopefully generating more buzz and sales ensuring it will be around for a long time. Vaughan's ear for dialogue, crafting of interesting plots, and unique characterization continue to impress.

Big fan of the Christopher Priest style headers that shift the narrative backward and forward in time. Loving the rhythm and cadence of the speech patterns: "It's not my fault the fucker threw his flare gun into the drink while I was landing his dumbass whirlybird!" I am so on board with every aspect of this book. Brian K. Vaughan's strongest work.

Some may question the plausibility of the Mayor of NYC actually making it past the voir dire phase of jury selection, but suspending that disbelief aside, this is a rockin' book. Top-of-his-game pencils from Tony Harris, beautiful coloring, and warm panel rendering. Also some interesting commentary on the industry embedded here with the comic shop, Clark Kent style reporter, and some of the arcs of the supporting characters going against type.

This book should be selling millions of copies. Yes, I'm talking to you. Buy it in single issues. Buy the trades. Buy it today. Tell your friends to buy it. Give it to your friends and family for Christmas. If you like the writing style of Aaron Sorkin, David Mamet, or Bendis, then this is definitely for you. Grade A+.


At 9:17 PM, Blogger Andrea said...

What completely hooked me on this series is that it addresses a number of hotly-debated and controversial topics. The arc about the Lincon painting with the "N" word written on it was superbly executed. The issuance of marriage licenses to a gay couple, and the officiation of the ceremony by Mayor Hundred, is reminiscent of the recent events that unfolded in San Francisco. These issues speak to all of us, and by addressing them in this forum, the writer challenges us to think more closely about our own opinions, and exposes us to other viewpoints we may not previously have considered.

The writer intersperses these serious and controversial themes with sharp, witty dialogue and a myriad of snappy and intelligent one-liners. When Mayor Hundred told the elevator to "Up, Up and Away" (a la Superman), and was answered by the elevator's "DING !", I came perilously close to falling off the treadmill. The red face was from stifling my hysterical laughter, not from the embarrassment of tripping over my big feet with the entire gym watching.

Now, I'm waiting very impatiently to see what transpires after his visit to the reporter lady's apartment. I hope the next trade is on its way soon. :)


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