Labor Of Love

Street Angel: Volume One (Slave Labor Graphics): This trade collects issues 1-5, the initial Princess of Poverty arc. So wonderfully eclectic that it nearly defies categorization, it rides the line between indy praise and mainstream critical adoration. Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca, who offered up the much loved Afrodisiac pieces in Project: Superior and the 2005 SPX Anthology, really have something fun, unique, and insightful on their hands here.

I’m struck by the rich world that’s been created with fresh sets and thoroughly realized supporting cast members all capable of carrying their own individual series. I also have to mention the small format of the trade, which fits perfectly in harmony with the punk world it contains. Makes me want to stuff the thing in my back pocket and either grind some rails or hang out in a 70’s style lounge. Rugg and Maruca are a force to be reckoned with. The best offering from San Jose-based Slave Labor Graphics. Ever. Grade A-.


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